Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, I'm tutoring this morning. Yahoo! The girls get really confused when I go to school on a Saturday. They want Tony to go to school and "babysits" to come. Oh well, they have "babysits" on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I think that's enough. Tony has today off. We are cleaning and grocery shopping. Yahoo for cleaning and grocery shopping.... or not really. :0) We will live though, I'm sure of it.

As you can see there is a whole lot of tutoring going on.... or not so much. I don't know why people come and sit and do homework who don't need help. But I guess it's nice if you do have a question someone is here to answer it.... hopefully! No, really so far I've done okay... knock on wood!

Lets see, this next week there is no gym, Rye's energy is going to go through the roof. But then the following week she starts a new class. She's moving up to the 5/6 year old class early, so that she can be doing things more challenging. Cass is starting gym for the summer that following week as well. She's excited, she loves to dance but she has a lot of fun during the summer gym time. Travis is just growing away. He's a really good baby and hopefully I'm not jinxing it.

I got a job, although I can't seem to clock in. But I got a job working for one of the teachers as a grader. It's really a nice because for the most part I work from home. I am glad that I can help out financially too, even though Tony will still have to work full time.

Well, I should get off of here.... it will be time for me to head home soon. Yahoo, cleaning and grocery shopping. :0)

Monday, May 10, 2010


School has been crazy. I am only taking 7 credits, but it's like I'm taking 10. I'm at school more than Tony is and he's taking 12 credits. There is defiantly something wrong here... let me tell you. :0) But life will continue. It's just something I have to do right now.

Other than that.... things are good. :0) Rye is going to move up in her gym class at the end of next month, which will be fun for her. Cass just had her dance recital, which was really fun to watch and she had a great time performing. She is going to start gym at the end of next month, which she's excited for. Travis, well he's just laughing up a storm lately. His "sit-down belly aches" are a little tiring, but other than that 30 mins in the evening (I know I should complain!) he's an awesome baby!

Tony and I are just in school. Like I said a little crazy but mostly good. We are taking a class together which is nice. Studying is going to be easier. I take a lot of notes and do a lot of research for us both, so that Tony can concentrate on other classes, it's nice to be able to help out in some way.

Well, there really isn't too much going on as of right now, but I think we're going to have a busy summer really. We're planning a trip to the California coast to go fishing with my grandpa, which should be fun. It will be Tony's first time fishing in the Pacific ocean. :0) We'll be there for the 4th of July weekend, which will be fun to see the fireworks and everything. My 10 year high school reunion is in August and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. Cassidee is getting baptized in August as well, I can't believe she is going to be 8 already! I'm hoping to see my grandparents out here in June and go to my brother's high school graduation. Also, Dulce and Jeff have a trip planned for August. So we're going to be busy busy on top of school. It will be fun, but we'll be ready I'm sure for school to be over in July!

That's it for now! :0)