Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm an AUNT!

Well, I got to meet my nephew this last week. He's adorable and perfect! I'm so excited to be an aunt, my first time ya know! Travis wasn't sure what to think of his new cousin but the girls were in LOVE. :0 ) It was a fun week and I'm totally glad that I got to go.

Anyways, things are good. Just hanging out, can't wait until Christmas (we get to go to Florida!). Not sure what's going on for Thanksgiving... totally NOT in the mood to cook for it yet, hopefully that changes! I am really ready for Halloween though. My bathroom is all decked out in Halloween decorations, I just got a new throw blanket with spiders on it for the living room. I've got Rylee's birthday party to plan, still not sure what we're doing for that though. :0 ) But we'll figure it out. I'm not really sure that Rylee cares what we do. But she's going to be 5 so that's fun.

Travis took his first steps yesterday, which is exciting. He's definitely trying to get more teeth too, just ask my collar bone, which one morning was used as a teething ring. It wasn't pleasant especially since he already has 2 teeth!

Well, that's what's going on. :0 )

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