Saturday, June 19, 2010

Clocking In

Well, I did figure out what I was doing wrong with the whole clocking in thing, yahoo for getting paid!

Things are going good here. Same thing different day. :0) But I like it. We are busy but doing really good. We were supposed to go camping last night, but that didn't happen. But for the most part things are just going.

Rylee really likes her new gym class. Cass is having fun in gym also. They are fun to watch. For completely different reasons, but still, fun. :0)

Travis is an eating machine. That's been fun to see him just love food so much. He is rolling over from front to back and once he did back to front. He's a "supported sitter" now, which is fun. He loves to sit up. He'll be mobile soon, which is just scary to me. Oh well. :0)

Well, that's it. That's our lives right now in a nutshell. :0) Have a good day! Thankfully the sun is out here and I think we might brave the park. Yahoo for the crowded park! Hahaha! Fun fun though.

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  1. It's amazing how fast they grow. It makes me feel very nostalgic. Enjoy every it up! I am looking at my baby and thinking of how he will start preschool this fall, and how I think I overlooked his little babyhood way too much because I was too "busy" with my other kids. Don't ever look back and wish you would have "enjoyed" the moments more!