Friday, July 23, 2010

School's out.....

Yahoo! School is out. Tony has one more test to take tomorrow morning and then we are done until January. How exciting is that? :0 ) Well, I'm excited!

The girls are having fun in Florida, which is awesome. We miss them and, more importantly, Travis misses them. They have already been to Disney and the beach... they are going to do the beach again this weekend, so jealous by the way, and probably a water park or Sea World this next week sometime.

So I'm thinking about getting my hair cut. Just an FYI. :0 )

Tony is going to be a checker at Albertsons coming up next week. It's going to be good, easier hours for school and everything.

Travis.... well goodness what is that boy not doing, I swear! He is crawling and pulling up on things. We're working on sitting up still, but he'll get it. He eats really well and everything, which is just great. He can even hold his own bottle, which is just awesome. :0 )

Hope everyone's well. :0 )

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