Saturday, March 19, 2011


My friend Rosie is hosting a contest this month. It's all about getting those unfinished projects done. Well, I have a few that I've been meaning to get done and actually ended up adding like 5 more to my list just in the past two days. So... my list!

*Two different wreaths.
-One for spring
-One for summer
... Now I must add that all I've had for the summer wreath is a hanger for the longest time, but I am now starting to collect fabric for it and hopefully should be able to start that soon.
... The one for spring I don't have all the stuff for either, but these are still projects that are bugging my brain. :0)
*I have fabric to make 4 skirts, two for each of the girls, now just to get it together and sew them.
-1st figure out how to re-purpose shirts into skirts for the girls!
*I also have fabric to make envelope pillow cases for three of my couch pillows. Now, I know when I'm going to be doing this and it's not going to be this month it will be next month though. On our 10 day break from school. :0)
*Mending! I have a pile of mending to do. As long as I can get enough homework done today then I can mend tomorrow. Yahoo!
*I have another new project! I know, why am I doing this to myself with all the other stuff I have going on? Well, I'm a sucker for punishment! No not really, I just really like having something other than school work and cleaning to do. :0) I am going to take a cute shower curtain and turn it into a table cloth. That's right people! I'm really excited about this one. Did you know it's really hard to find 70 x 70 table cloths? Well, did you know that most shower curtains are 72 x 72 or 70 x 72? Isn't that just perfect? Anyways, can you tell how excited I am? :0) This I'm going to try to get done this weekend too.

LOTS to do! Better stop blogging and get something done, right? :0)


  1. Oh and she's doing a giveaway, you should do this too! Check out her blog!!

  2. I just saw a great repurposing tutorial on one of the craft blogs I follow... you might be interested in looking at it...

    I'm exicted to see what you get done! :)

  3. Thanks Rosie, I think that might be my project for this coming weekend, when I need a break from my research paper. :0)