Saturday, September 11, 2010


When was the last time that I woke up just because I was ready to get out of bed? Well, it's been awhile at least. :0 ) It's fine... I'm getting enough sleep and everything, it's just that the initial getting up is a little hard. I just wish it was more of a peaceful wake up (some days). Does anyone else? Or am I alone in this? If I am so be it... maybe I'm just a little more selfish. :0 ) I'll work on that. Don't get me wrong I love it when everyone's in Tony and I's bed in the morning and we're all snuggling and everything. I'm just saying. But someday it will be so and I'll miss being woken up. I'll try to be happier all the time about what I have. There, that's my goal. :0 ) Just worked it all out... thanks for your help!

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