Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What have we been up to?

Well, lets see. Tony and I aren't in school right now. It's our summer time. Which its nice because I can just focus on the girls for awhile. Tony is still working at Albertsons, the only thing is he has been changing hours so much during the week its a little bit crazy. But right now he's doing a Monday thru Friday thing from like 4am to 12pm. Which is actually nice because he just goes to bed the same time as the kids, or takes a nap, and then he's home for dinner and for getting Cass from school and all that fun stuff. But then after that, who knows what's going on.

Cassidee started the 3rd grade this year, yahoo for 3rd grade! I remember 3rd grade. :0 ) I remember before 3rd grade too. I think 2nd was my favorite year. ANYWAYS! Cass has two pet gerbils in her classroom and is in LOVE. Cass turned 8 on August 23rd and was baptized on August 28th. Which was really fun and exciting. It was a sweet experience and I'm happy she made the decision to be baptized. She's also dancing again this year which she loves doing.

Rylee is doing gymnastics like always. :0 ) She was invited to be in a new class this year. She's in the tops class and its sort of like a lets-get-you-ready-for-team class. Rye is a very determined little girl and I think she'll excel and do well in her new class.

Travis has a tooth. He's crawling ALL over the place. He can climb the stairs if we let him. Which we don't. He has a cupboard and a drawer that he's allowed to play in in the kitchen and he really enjoys that. Don't worry, it's the cupboard with all the pots and pans and the utensils drawer. Travis sleeps through the night for the most part and everything. He's really an easy baby.... KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

Well, that's pretty much it. :0 ) Have a great day y'all!


  1. Didnt you forget something pretty important?

  2. Oh I knew there was something else for Cass that I forgot to write about but I kept getting interrupted while I was writing. I will enter a new one just for that. :0 )